Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ladies Love to Look Lovely!!!

There are so many people out there, just waiting to assist us in getting the best out of ourselves. No matter what our shape, size, look, style, age.... we are all wonderfully fabulous! Ladies are like Life; without them we would all feel a little bit lost - even ladies would be lost without ladies! So, I've found some lovely women to assist us in this area. When you have some spare time and you find yourself in the Bayshore Mall (Boston Store) to be precise, you must stop in at the Dior makeup counter. There you will find Gail and an extended team of absolutely lovely women who are just waititng to give you a new look, assist you with their new products or fill you in on their fabulous holiday range for xmas!

I made a makeup appt the other week and it was a wonderful experience. Gail is ridiculously talented and very lovely to be around; she has great energy and years of experience in the trade. The whole thing was no pressure and I did leave with products, but they were ones I was looking to purchase anyway and mostly skincare which I love!!!

Products I recommend are:

Capture Totale One Essential - Fabulous skin boosting super serum (well worth the $$$)
Hydra Life - A great moisture lock in to cope with the harsh winter ahead
Forever Flawless Makeup - I dont wear base tone but this is fab, light & a perfect skin match
Universal Brow Styler - Really is the best brow pencil I've ever owned

So besides my purchase I got the most gorgeous makeup case, lots n lots of samples to try and left feeling great, looking better and knowing that I know have a place to go when I need a little pick me up or I just fancy trying something new.

Seriously, ladies get there soon and see Gail or any of the team. Tell them Wren sent ya as we knattered for hours - you will feel welcome and you will leave with a different groove on.

So, why do ladies love to look lovely??? Its because we can!!!! Enjoy being a woman, but most important enjoy your woman :) Another place to get Lost in Milwaukee, and to think that the Dior Counter at Boston Store, Mayfair could do all that ... well you never know where getting lost will get ya :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where do we belong? There are many places we feel comfortable in life, the energy, the love.. it all draws us in whether it be a location in the world, someone's home or a spark to love sometimes takes us to far away places. I've found so many places where I belong, but its taken me many years in my life to truly feel comfortable in those decisions I make for me, my life, my future. I was born in Miami during the wonderful years of the Hippie 70's although the love didn't last so my mother moved me from the warmth of Miami to the chilly midwest for my years of youth. After 17 years in Milwaukee, love drew me across the seas to England where I stayed for 17 years of my life. I have had many great loves, so many wonderful lessons to make me the woman I am today; to be able to share life, stories, experience with others for us all to move forward together.

I am now back in my home town of Milwaukee enjoying a new life, a clean slate which allows me to be closer to my family. Sometimes life is not just about us, but about what we must do in order to fulfull our lives, those in it and our path to happiness! My experience is that if that little voice tells you continually that there is something you should do... bloody listen to it as intuition is the strongest tool we have.

The trick of life and balance is to get lost in the world, travel, live wherever your path takes you, trust in it, believe in it and all of this experience will take you eventually to places where you feel comfort. The only way to truly know where you belong is to get lost in life which will allow you to enjoy it, everything it has to offer you and more. My blog of Getting Lost in Milwaukee is to share this experience of falling back in love with a location and seeing the good in the city, everything it has to offer with total positivity. So, get lost with me and enjoy my views from here on end..... thanks for being a part of my journey! As for life my advice to you is 'Believe in your Journey'.... x